General Terms


The following General Terms and Conditions shall apply exclusively to all business transactions of GmbH, in particular to its deliveries and services, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

General terms and conditions of the Customer shall not apply even if the Customer refers to them in connection with its order or assignment and does not object to them. Commitments, collateral agreements as well as amendments or supplements to the General Terms and Conditions shall require the written form. This shall also apply to any waiver or amendment of the written form requirement. reserves the right to amend these General Terms and Conditions due to new technical developments, due to changes in legislation or jurisdiction, or due to other equivalent reasons. Changes shall be communicated to the Customer at least four weeks in advance. If the Customer does not object to these changes within four weeks of the communication, the contractual relationship shall continue based on the amended General Terms and Conditions.

Obligation to Cooperate

For a professional and successful cooperation we ask for your assistance. 


The launch of this cooperation is offered by the workshop. In it we define the project goal, milestones and necessary resources. The presence of all project participants is desirable.

Designated Contact Person

For fast and efficient communication, we need a personal contact person. This person takes over the overall project responsibility for you, is available for queries and discusses project results with us.

Access to Materials & information

Whether text, image or video – the quality and timely provision of necessary resources has a great influence on the final result. For speedy further processing, we want these in digital form.


We give 150% and we would like the same from you.

Each of our projects requires professional preparation. We ask the right questions, and you give us the answers.


Meeting timely deadlines for the provision of necessary resources is a high priority for us. Non-compliance can lead to significant project delays due to other project delays due to other customers. Please notify us immediately of any foreseeable delays.

External Providers

In the course of the project, dependence on external hardware and/or software products may occur. We will inform you in good time about the necessity of a connection and, if necessary, carry out the purchase on your behalf after consultation.

Project Management

A personal contact person, quick accessibility and clear documentation of the project phases form the basis for a pleasant cooperation. We take care of the setup and implementation of the communication channels, coordination and discussion with you, project monitoring and control, acceptance of feedback and initiation of corrections, as well as planning and setup for the handover.


Corrections are an important part of the joint product iteration and include integrating feedback loops, fixing bugs or implementing additional efforts. This offering already includes a correction loop within the creation process. Correction loops beyond that are possible. They are billed at the corresponding hourly rate.

Feedback Loops

Feedback loops on design change requests and other topics contribute greatly to product success. Feedback is immediately discussed in person, debated and integrated accordingly.

Additional Expenses

Additional expenses result from feedback loops or requirements requested by the customer in addition to the services defined in the offer. Each additional service will be invoiced at the corresponding daily rate.

Expense Recording 

The project members document the efforts incurred in the form of a time recording. An up-to-date time recording can be requested upon request.

Payment Mode

The first partial payment is 50% and will be invoiced at the time of commissioning. Invoicing of the second partial payment in the amount of 50% will take place after completion.