Merck Sharp & Dohme GmbH

Merck Sharp & Dohme GmbH (MSD) is a leading pharmaceutical manufacturers dedicated to saving and improving lives around the world.

Initial Situation

The HPV vaccination rate in Austria is mediocre, despite having one of the best vaccination programs in the world and the HPV vaccination being free between the ages of 9 and 21. To amend this situation our client MSD decided to launch a marketing campaign to raise awareness among young adults and improve the vaccination rate among that demographic. In response to this ideated, designed, and executed a campaign using social media influencers to share personal stories on digital platforms to reach the target group of young adults using compact, low barrier and emotive personal testimonies.


– Influencer casting: We recruited suitable influencers with personal experience about HPV for our clients. Valerie Huber, Michael Buchinger, Christl Clear, Constantly K, Martina Reuter and Nina Radmann signed on to the campaign. Their interviews were conducted in advance, and for many this campaign was their first chance to speak publicly about their experiences.


– Production: Short films and photography were produced in one of the best-equipped studios in Austria. These were created according to a branding approach which had designed. The focus was on authenticity, credibility and friendliness.


– Austria-wide distribution: The films were used for various advertising formats and were presented throughout Austria via both digital advertisement and hundreds of real world locations. The influencers themselves and our client posted their contributions via their channels.

marketing campaign work example
marketing campaign work example


This campaign resulted in this topic being shared widely within the defined target group and beyond with many comments and discussions raising awareness of this topic. Following this, traditional media outlets observed the event and reported on it, spreading awareness even further. Healthcare institutions other than our client such as the Pharmacists’ Association were galvanized by the campaign and adopted the content for distributed it themselves.